Placement Program

Placing an Animal in PAWS’ Adoption Program

While PAWS often has no foster openings to take in more homeless animals, in some cases, if acceptable temporary housing can be provided for the animal, PAWS will assist in finding a home for the animal. But please respect and follow our process if you wish to place an animal through PAWS. We have placed many animals over the years and the adoption rules and processes presented here have been developed in the best interest of the animals. These are the requirements that must be met if PAWS is to consider placing an animal

Once an animal is placed and the adoption finalized, the previous owner or guardian will not visit the animal or in any way retain control of or contact with the animal. It is very important the animal be allowed to bond with its new family in a stable situation and not be confused.


Also please allow appropriate time for us to contact you. We are all unpaid volunteers who also lead busy lives just like yours. Thanks for your understanding.

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