Adoption Requirements

Adoption Program

PAWS’ adoption program places homeless animals in new homes and makes every attempt to ensure the new home is suitable for the animal. Towards this effort, PAWS asks that you list every person living or frequenting the home regularly on the adoption application. In addition, PAWS does a home visit. If the adoption is approved, the first 1 to 2 weeks are a visitation period.  If the animal is happy and the applicants wish to make the animal a permanent member of their household, the adoption is finalized. PAWS’  requires the new guardian to register the microchip and rabies certificate and to keep them on Heartworm[dogs]  and flea preventative.

As a non-profit organization, P.A.W.S of Hillsborough County does not receive funds from any state or federal government agencies. Any donation, foster home or volunteer time that you give will help all of the animals housed and cared for by P.A.W.S.

The animal that you adopt will have received age appropriate vaccines, spayed/neutered (if old enough), and tested for heart-worm-dogs (if over 6 months) and FIV/FELEUK.-cats All animals might require further vaccinations, fecal exams and possibly worming medications depending on age. Some of our animals were brought to us with their medical records. If we have received such records, that information will be given to you.

We cannot guarantee, nor can we be responsible for, the health of the pets being adopted. Many of the pets admitted to us have come from unknown origins.  Our veterinarian has checked all and every effort has been made to ensure the basic health .

Adoption Requirements

The following is a list of requirements new pet guardians must meet/agree to before adopting an animal from PAWS.

PAWS only adopts to homes with sterilized pets.



All animals adopted will be “indoor” pets – PAWS does not adopt “outdoor” animals.

If it doesn’t work out, ALL animals MUST be returned to PAWS!

In some cases, a fenced yard is required

Adoption Process

Fill out our online adoption application.
If you have questions or problems with the online form, contact us to request an adoption form. Once the application has been received the foster parent will contact you as soon as possible.

Meet The Animal/Meet The Family

Since not all animals are suitable for all homes, we will make an initial determination, based on the adoption application if the animal is suited to the home. If we believe it is, we make arrangements for you to meet the animal and for PAWS to meet the family, all members of the household must be present.

In-Home Visit

If, having met the animal and being fully aware of our adoption requirements, you wish to adopt the animal, PAWS will make an in-home visit to the applicant and meet the whole family and see where the dog 0r cat will be kept during the day and at night. PAWS does not adopt to homes where the dog will always be kept outdoors

Two Week Visitation  Period

The new guardian takes responsibility for the animal and he/she is moved into his/her new home. The first  one or two weeks are a visitation period to see how well the animal adjusts to the new home and how well the new home adjusts to the animal. An adoption counselor will be in touch and be available to the adoptive parent during this time.

Final In-Home Visit and Finalize Adoption –
After the 1 to two week visitation period  If the pet and its new family are adapting well and the adoption is agreed upon, the adoption will be finalized and the final papers filled out at this time, Adoption fee is $45.00.

If you agree with all adoption requirements please begin the adoption process by filling out an adoption application.