Sweet Little Anna

We were visiting family in Bradenton and thru the windows I saw my neice carrying something black, as she came thru the door she handed me this tiny little black and white kitten [I thought was about 3 months old].  The sweet gentle starving skinny kitten with a milk sot on her face was breathing like she had pneumonia.  I knew immediately that she had an extreme upper respiratory infection and I was afraid that she would not make a trip to the vet.  We drove straight to our wonderful vet hospita and she was tested for Fiv/Feleuk and given antibiotics.  She tested negative but tested positive for Bartonella which is curable after 2 months of medicine.  She gained weight but still looked like a 3 month old abd she actually was 1 1/2 years old,  She had been thrown away struggled to sustain herself.  When she was introduced to the other cat playmates, after she was cured, she just walked in as if to say I am home and I am your family.  Anna, now 2, is very strong and loves people and her friends but now she is in a fight for her life.  She is anemic and has something that is affecting her red blood cells, she must have bloodwork weekly,, paper litter and B12 shots every week,  She so deserves the best treatment and she will receive loads of love!   These beautiful loving creatures are not garbage that people  with no souls just throw away. Please help us to help Anna and others like her.

Please remember: A pet is not a  gift, they are a lifelong companion and responsibility, not a toy you throw-a-way when you are tired of it!